How Blue-Eyed Boutique Came To Be!

As a child, it started with crude sketches of dresses she copied from her grandmother.

As a teen, it continued with the constant alteration of her wardrobe (cutting jeans, painting tops, etc…) much to her mother’s dismay.

As a high school graduate, she heads to New York City with three years of sewing and pattern drafting under her belt to attend Parsons School of Design for her Foundation year.

As a college graduate with a degree in theatre specializing in Costume Design and Construction, she begins collecting gowns and materials and reworks them. She lists her upcycled wedding gowns and veils on Etsy.com for the first time on June 22nd, 2011.

As a young woman, assists in the management of her family’s antique mall and gives vintage dresses and material new life for brides and young women in Seven Countries on Three Continents (And counting!)